What’s the Deal with Removable Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper is making a serious comeback thanks to new, fun prints and a growing reputation for convenience.  Before you jump on the bandwagon, though, you have to ask yourself: “Is this trend too good to be true?”  As your local wallpaper experts, we’ve done most of the research for you.  Now, all you have to do is decide whether or not this design twist is worth the risk.

You Get What You Pay For

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but it definitely holds true for removable wallpaper.  Especially now that it’s so popular and you have so many options to choose from!  If you truly want to hang and remove this temporary wallpaper, then it pays to go with quality.  Look for a highly-rated brand that offers paper with a decent weight.  You want something that will peel off in one piece, rather than tear and/or get stuck to the wall behind it.  Which is exactly what will happen with thinner, cheaper brands. We also recommend looking for something that’s tacky—in terms of substance, rather than style.  When it’s too sticky, removable wallpaper has a hard time living up to its name.

All in the Application

Even with the best temporary wallpaper, a good application is key.  Many people have this misconception that because it’s removable, it’s easier to install—not so.  If you’re doing it correctly, it actually takes about the same amount of time to apply as traditional wallpaper.  It’s just the removal process that’s easier!  So, start preparing your walls with a thorough (and we do mean thorough) cleaning.  Any dust or dirt that remains behind the paper can interfere with both the installation and the removal.

We recommend washing the walls and allowing a few days for them to dry completely.  (Please note if you’ve recently painted the room in question, you may need to add a few weeks to your timeline since it can take about 20 days for the paint to fully dry.)  Then, do one final sweep with a dry cloth right before you’re ready to apply the removable wallpaper and be sure to have all the tools you’ll need on hand.  Even when hanging this temporary feature, take care not to accidently nick, dent, or cut the walls.  Not only will these small imperfections have to be repaired later on, but they can also change the way your wallpaper adheres to the surface below.

Timeframe for Temporary Wallpaper

Last, but not least, remember that removable wallpaper is designed to be temporary at best.  While we don’t recommend swapping out prints every other week, we don’t suggest that you leave this product up for years at a time either.  Since it wasn’t made to stay up for that long, we can’t guarantee than it will still be “removable” after such a timeframe.  Keep in mind, it’s also referred to as renters’ wallpaper.  It’s ideal use for someone who wants to experiment with fun design elements!  Whether you’re moving or just redecorating at regular intervals, be sure you know what you’re getting into with removable wallpaper.

For more information about how to hang, remove, or clean wallpaper—of all sorts—check out our website and/or follow us on social media.  At D & L Enterprises, wallpaper isn’t the only thing we work with, but we’ve handled it enough to know its advantages and disadvantages. Whether we’re talking about removable wallpaper or the more traditional type(s).  We’re also happy to help you install or remove this stylish addition at any point! Just contact us today for a consultation.