Wallpaper or Paint: The Pros and Cons of Each

Wallpaper vs. Paint

A new home or room renovation is exciting, but it can be challenging to decide what to do with those plain white walls. Do I want a wallpaper accent or just a fresh coat of paint? How about a fun painted design? Stripes, anyone? These are the questions you must ask yourself. Here are some tips to help you resolve your dilemma.

Benefits of Wallpaper

The drab floral wallpaper of the past is being replaced with updated and vibrant designs. Today’s wallpaper brings exciting colors, patterns, and textures to a space. In fact, patterned wallpaper can spice up a room full of solid colors. Here are reasons why wallpaper may be your best option.

Wallpaper is durable and long-lasting. It can last 10-to-15 years in a room. A painted room needs at least a touch-up every two to five years.

It’s cost effective and appealing. Wallpaper saves money since it lasts a long time. It offers visual appeal since there are so many styles and textures to choose from. Hiring someone to paint designs on your wall can be pricey.

Wallpaper is versatile. You can use as much or as little of it as you want in a room. Try placing an attractive wallpaper design inside a picture frame. Wallpaper can go behind shelving and accent displays. It can also cover a wall to make it stand out.

It hides damaged walls. If a wall has a defect or is in poor condition, a thick piece of quality wallpaper can make it look like new.

Wallpaper is easy to clean. Vinyl wallpaper is best for families with young children. Crayon marks can be wiped away, saving you money on repainting costs. Some companies offer temporary wallpapers which can be easily applied and removed.

Wallpaper Drawbacks

On the flip side, wallpaper costs more, can be difficult to remove, and a pattern may be hard to replace. Wallpapers don’t always stand up well in moist, humid areas, like a bathroom or kitchen. It’s also hard to match patterns at the seams and wallpaper colors can clash with other hues in a room. Wallpaper isn’t DIY friendly for non-experienced folks. It generally needs to be professionally installed. It’s also difficult to peel off.

Benefits of Paint

If you’re not a wallpaper fan, a good quality paint is a fine choice. Paint has some key benefits. It can withstand moisture and is easy to apply to a clean surface. You can easily change the paint color on a wall or create a simple design. Paint is also DIY friendly.

Painting Cons

Painting has a few drawbacks as well. It’s not easy to paint a complex design on a wall. The paint in high traffic areas typically peels and chips, requiring frequent touch-ups.

Need Help with a Painting Project?

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