Got Stucco? Tips to Keep It Lasting a Lifetime

Stucco is an attractive option for many homeowners. Its combination of low cost, lasting durability, and fire resistance is tough to beat. Plus, It brings an interesting textured look to any home and it’s extremely customizable. While low maintenance is another hallmark of this type of siding, it does require some tender loving care to keep it lasting a lifetime. Cracking, crumbling, mildew, and water seepage are all possibilities if stucco surfaces are not well maintained. Here are our suggestions to keep stucco home looking great without unsightly damage or escalating repair costs.

An Annual Check-up for Your Home

Stucco has been used to build homes for more than 1,000 years, but yours won’t last long if you ignore signs of damage or weakening. At least once a year, you should carefully inspect your stucco for blistering, bulging, cracking, or crumbling. Despite its durability, stucco is still susceptible to damage from hail and flying debris.  So, we recommend that you check it after major storms or high winds. Take care when moving lawn furniture, gardening equipment, or any large/sharp objects to avoid hitting your stucco walls. Additionally, always mow your lawn with the discharge chute facing away from the house. This prevents stones, acorns or other flying objects from chipping the stucco. If small cracks or crumbles develop, repair them immediately with a high-quality masonry caulk to avoid mildew growth or water seepage.

Keep the Stucco Clean

Washing should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to maintaining a stucco home. During your annual inspection, keep an eye out for stains or dark spots. Stucco’s porous nature attracts dirt, mold, and mildew—which can grow in even small cracks. For simple dirt stains, spraying the walls with your garden hose may do the trick. If that doesn’t work, try using dish detergent and hot water, but be careful to scrub gently to avoid damaging the surface. For mold and mildew, lightly scrub using a solution of one-part bleach to ten parts water. Sometimes a more thorough washing is in order, in which case power washing makes more sense. Just call the professionals at D&L Enterprises to help care for your stucco home in Maryland. Don’t attempt to power wash stucco on your own!  This surface requires a seasoned and gentle touch to avoid potential damage.

Seal Exterior Surfaces

Stucco has a lot of advantages, but it’s not as effective against water damage as some other materials. Long periods of heavy rain can leave the structure oversaturated and unable to dry, which could eventually lead to rot. Instead of drowning in repair and replacement costs, protect your stucco from potential water damage by applying a clear silicone sealant every four to five years. Pay special attention to areas around doors and windows, then touch up your caulking in these spots every few years.

Your stucco home can stick with you for a lifetime if you treat it right. We’ve been working with stucco homes in the Carroll County area for more than 30 years!  Give us a call if you’re in central Maryland and would like to have an expert power wash your surfaces properly.