Signs It’s Time for Fresh Wall Paint

Signs It’s Time for Fresh Wall Paint

Has the paint inside your home lost its sparkle? If so, the time is ripe for a fresh paint job. Wall paint starts to show wear and tear over time. Not repainting walls when they need it is one of the most common mistakes professional painters see. Here are some signs it’s time for a wall paint redo.

The Color is Fading

Sunlight exposure can diminish the vibrancy of paint color. This is especially true in rooms with ample windows. If you notice the patches of original color starting to fade, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.  

Stains and Scuffs 

When stains and scuff marks resist regular cleaning efforts, it’s time to take action. Repainting will freshen up a wall that appears dirty and worn. A new coat of paint will also hide blemishes on a wall that cleaning isn’t taking off. If you need to repair a hole or crack in the wall, it’s best to repaint the entire wall instead of trying to match its current color. 

Colors Don’t Match 

If your wall colors clash with your furniture, decor, or personal taste, it’s time for a redo. The wrong color choice can make a room feel dull or chaotic. The right colors will create a visually pleasing space you can enjoy stress-free.  

A Change is Needed

Your walls have had the same paint color for years. Experts recommend checking wall paint for signs of wear every five to 10 years. Also ask yourself if you even like the color anymore. If your personal tastes have changed, it’s time for an upgrade. Same goes if the function of a room is different. Paint has a big impact on the style and mood of your home.

Peeling or Bubbled Paint

When water is trapped beneath a paint surface, bubbles form. This causes the surface to lift and form air pockets. Bubbled or peeling paint is very unattractive. The problem is usually a result of water damage. Once the moisture problem is fixed, repainting will restore the appearance of the walls. Before you grab a paintbrush, make sure the wall surface is clean and dry. Most coating failures are caused by improper preparation.  

Paint Prep Steps

Painting a wall can be an easy DIY project. However, there are steps that must be taken to properly prepare a wall surface.  

Remove anything that’s attached to the wall. Clear the floor of furniture and other objects. Cover the floor with a protective sheet.

Clean the wall to remove dust, dirt, and grease. Repair any cracks or imperfections. Apply a primer.

Paint along the edges of the wall, corners, the ceiling, and baseboards. Fill the walls in with a roller or paint brush. Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely before adding a second one.  

Need Help with a Painting Project?

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