Rid Your Home of Smoke Smell

Now that cooler temperatures have arrived, your entertaining can move indoors—for better or worse.  If you notice a lingering smoke smell before or after your party, don’t wait to take action. While campfire smoke can actually be almost pleasant, cigarette and cigar smoke are among the most overpowering odors. They’re noticeable the moment you walk through the door and such smells can cause breathing difficulties for people with allergies and respiratory conditions. Create a more welcoming atmosphere for your guests by removing smoky odors with these tips from D & L Enterprises.

Butts Out

Before you even start cleaning your home, be on the lookout for cigarette (and cigar) butts. Move ashtrays and other collections of cigarette butts far away from your home. You’ll find that it’s not enough just to dump them in the trash. Try sealing ashes and butts in a plastic bag and disposing of them in outdoor garbage bins.  Make sure you remove them from indoor party areas, as well as outdoor ones.  If they’re too close the house, the smoke smell can drift inside lingering for days, weeks, or even months.

Open Windows

Air out the house naturally by opening windows and doors. In rooms that have a particularly strong smell, put a fan in the corner and point it toward the window. This will help remove the smoke, as well as any unpleasant odor(s) from cleaning supplies.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar has its own strong smell, but unlike cigarette smoke, it will dissipate. It works wonders as a cleaning agent, so use it to wipe down ceiling fans, windows, mirrors, tables, and appliances. While it cleans many surfaces, it may damage more porous materials.  Including marble and granite countertops and floor tiles, waxed furniture, and hardwood floors.

If you’d rather not use it directly in cleaning, you can also place bowls of distilled white vinegar around the house to absorb smells. Choose your spots strategically to remove the smoke smell faster!  And if have trouble with the odor of vinegar, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s).

Wall Work

Since smoke clings to your walls, you’ll have to pay special attention to them when cleaning. Wash each wall with a strong cleaning solution—one that cuts through grease and grime yet also eliminates odors. Hydrogen peroxide is one option as it’s effective at cleaning smoke residue and removing saturated smells. If the odor is too strong, you may need to just paint the walls and/or replace your wallpaper.

This can be a big task, but D&L Enterprises is only a phone call away! We are a professional painting company in Maryland that also offers wallpaper removal services. We’d love to get your home looking–and smelling–like new!

Clean Carpets

Replacing carpeting is expensive, so why not try to clean it first? Start with baking soda. The product has natural odor-absorbing qualities and can be quite effective. Simply sprinkle it on the carpet, let it set in for about a day, and then vacuum. Repeat these steps until the smell is gone. If the odor persists, you can always rent a steam cleaner and shampoo the carpet. Or enlist the services of professional carpet cleaners.

Furniture and Fabric

Fabrics pick up odors, too, so they may need a thorough cleaning. Wash all clothes, towels, throw pillows, and linens that have absorbed the smoke smell. Curtains and drapes can be washed (carefully). But they may need to be replaced if the odor is too saturated. Give couches and chairs the carpet treatment. Where you sprinkle baking soda, let it absorb, vacuum, and repeat.

Filters and Ducts

Replacing air, furnace, and air conditioner filters will not only eliminate odors but also improve indoor air quality. While you’re at it, remember that ductwork also requires cleaning. When smoke residue builds up inside, it will continue to affect the air (and smell) until it’s been completely removed.

Smoke odors may feel overpowering, but they’re not invincible. You can help cut down on smells with some simple tricks, but leave the heavy lifting to us. With more than 30 years of experience, we’re the Maryland home solutions company that “nose” what to do!