Repair Your Plaster Walls

We love old homes here at D & L Enterprises!  Including all the plaster walls that come with them.  Unfortunately, working with plaster is a lot different from working with drywall—leaving many homeowners unable to DIY this particular project. If you have cracks or holes you need to repair, don’t worry.  Just leave it to our home finishing team!

Before 1950…

Virtually every home incorporated plaster!  To be fair, it came with a lot of benefits.  This substance is super hard, seamless, sound insulating, and resistant to both mold and fire.  That’s why they slathered it on every interior surface!  For more ornate finishes, plaster can also be molded into intricate details around doors, ceilings, and trim.  However, even expert applications may buckle, crack, or otherwise bust out of position over time.  Leaving you with an unsightly finish and uneven surface that a fresh coat of paint will only emphasize.  Rather than trying to cover up the problem, we can help you repair it properly.

It Gets Complicated…

To be fair, we understand why many homeowners don’t want to attempt this project on their own.  Unlike drywall which can be patched or repaired with a little bit of spackle.  Or potentially just replaced in sections, plaster requires a little more finesse.  To prevent cracks from growing or coming back, you actually have to reunitethe plaster.  To do so, you’ll need pieces of wood lathe, plaster-friendly screws and washers, or a special adhesive.  Plus, the help of an experienced handyman who knows the process for a lasting repair.

With the Right Equipment…

Since you’re not working with wood, you’ll need a specialty toolkit for this project.  Look for equipment and materials with “plaster” or “masonry” clearly marked.  Otherwise, you risk further damaging your walls!  Don’t forget that once you drill holes, you’ll have to fill them, too.  If you’re using a plaster-specific adhesive, it’s important to have a clamp on hand to keep your repairs in place.  Once that dries, you’ll be able to come back in with a joint compound, primer, and paint.  Just give yourself plenty of time between each step to ensure everything’s dry and ready!


Or you can let our home finishing team handle this project.  We’ve worked with many homes throughout Central Maryland, including those based in Eldersburg, Columbia, Sykesville, Ellicott City, Clarksville, and Westminster. In historical homes, plaster walls are common!  Allow us to repair, preserve, prime, and paint yours next.