Power Wash Your Way to a Profitable Season for Your Small Business

Black Friday may be over, but there are still plenty of days left this shopping season. Holiday buying is expected to see around a 4% increase this year, and retailers of every size are competing for the business bonanza. But with forecasts projecting a 14 to 18% increase in online sales, and major retailers filling all of a shopper’s needs at one convenient location, it’s enough to give mom-and-pop shops a holiday headache. Many boutiques and independent businesses are still going strong, however, because they can provide something their corporate competition can’t: a personalized shopping experience. These stores do business with a handshake and smile, and that approach enables them to offer a more authentic and pleasant holiday environment. The key to creating that ambiance starts with keeping a clean store.

Stellar Storefront

Although most shop owners keep busy with waxing floors, vacuuming carpets, and dusting shelves, cleaning a business’s exterior is sometimes put on the back burner. The outside of the store is the first thing customers see, however, so it’s important to have it looking its best. Professional power washing gives a storefront an immediate facelift. A quality power wash cuts through years of built-up dirt and grime and leaves a business looking like new.

Hiring a power washing company is almost like a Christmas present for a small business. It’s certainly a gift that keeps on giving, as the benefit extends well beyond the holiday season. Shop owners certainly welcome the increased foot traffic that results from a clean and fresh appearance, but power washing also removes bacteria, mildew, and mold, making for a healthier environment. Additionally, eliminating harmful fungal growth helps prevent decay and dry rot, which can be a costly concern for independent stores.

As one of Maryland’s best power washing companies, D&L Enterprises can handle all your commercial property’s needs. Whether your building is brick, concrete, vinyl, or wood, our power wash professionals will apply just the right amount of pressure to give your surfaces a superior cleaning without causing any damage. We also power wash sidewalks, awnings, parking lots, or any other area you need.

Window Shopping

Power washing gives a shop instant curb appeal. So now that you’ve presented an attractive and welcoming façade, shoppers will be inclined to look through the windows to see what’s inside. But you don’t want potential customers coming face-to-face with unsightly streaks and smudges when putting their noses to the glass. Window cleaning is another important task for the holiday season, especially as falling temperatures make those noses more and more runny. Pressure washing can work wonders for a window when applied with a soft and seasoned touch. And after an initial cleaning, follow up with regular touch-ups using a squeegee and cleaning solution.


Finally, dress up the store in all the holiday trimmings. Deck the walls with boughs of holly, wreaths, and twinkle lights. Fill the air with traditional holiday music and, if space allows, schedule a Santa to welcome customers and hand out candy canes. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned holiday experience to lift spirits and make shoppers feel at home.

As a family-owned business serving Maryland’s Carroll County and the surrounding area since 1988, we understand the needs of independent store owners. Whether you need professional painters, a power washing company, or home remodeling experts, D&L Enterprises can cross any project off your holiday to-do list.