Living Room Accent Walls

Living Room Accent Walls

An accent wall is an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to add pop to your living room. This feature can be created from paint, pictures, textures, or personal collections. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Why Create an Accent Wall

There are many benefits to having an accent wall. This design feature can add decorative flair to a room and excitement to your home’s decor. They can be used to connect the color scheme in your home. Accent walls also spruce up a plain or boring room and can help sell your home faster. If you are ready to jump in, here are some popular types of accent walls worth considering.

Wood Accent Wall

Wood works well if your living room doesn’t have a fireplace or mantel. Panels of wood on a white wall can help frame a television, for instance.

Painted Accent Wall

A solid color or a simple mural painted on a wall can fill the space behind a couch. A wall painted in a bold hue will make a large room stand out. A mural will attract the eye.

Zesty Patterns

Add texture to your living room space with geometric patterns. This design looks good in contemporary spaces. Materials you can use include wood pieces or trim, faux panels, brick, stone, textured paint, and bamboo.

Complementary Colors

Paint an accent wall in a darker neutral color. It will pop when accessories in complementary colors are placed throughout the room.

Shiplap Accent Wall

This type of wall adds subtle texture while allowing the room to keep its simple look. A white shiplap wall can break up a larger room.

Built-In Bookcases

Built-in bookcases or shelving can make a fine accent wall. Paint the shelves in a darker color to add depth and contrast.

Attractive Artwork

If you want to add a contemporary look to a space, try an abstract art wall. Use basic shapes and complementary colors to create instant, eye-catching artwork. You can also hang abstract paintings to fill the space. Size and proportion are important. Group like items together that are pleasing to the eye.

Fun Memorabilia

Plates, hats, ceramics, and sports memorabilia create an interesting accent wall. You can also update the wall by regularly changing out the display.

A Vibrant Ceiling

The “fifth wall” in a room can be turned into a striking accent wall. We’re talking about the ceiling. Make it stand out with a catchy paint color or a pattern. Wallpapered ceilings are becoming popular.

How to Choose an Accent Wall

The best wall to pick is the one your eyes are naturally drawn to when you enter a room. It’s often the space with a special feature, like a fireplace or built-in bookcase. It can also be the wall made of a different texture, like brick or stone. Accent walls create a nice transition between areas in a home. They can also offset another room feature, like a large picture window.

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