Ideas for Your Best Finished Basement

A finished basement is your opportunity to customize your home and add value—all with one renovation! With a lot of unused space, though, comes a lot of possibilities.  How will you and your family decide what to include?  Ideally, you should focus on projects that provide function for everyone. All while staying within budget.

If you need an Office Space…

Then your basement could be the perfect place for it!  Just start by thinking realistically about your space.  How much will you need?  Will you be meeting with clients here or working by yourself?  Depending on your answers, you may want to design the entire renovation around this central room.  Or, conversely, it could be a great way to utilize additional space in a difficult layout.

Either way, try to maximize your privacy by tucking your home office away from any main living areas or playrooms.  Sounds are usually muffled more in basements, anyway, but there are additional features we can install to preserve your work environment.  As for lighting, any way we can increase your natural light, we will! But more windows (and/or larger windows) aren’t always an option on this level.  In this case, track lighting could make more sense.  Whatever you do, don’t use dark paint colors that will make the room seem smaller and dimmer.

If you need more Entertainment Space…

You’re in luck!  You could literally transform your entire basement into an entertainment zone for the whole family.  Picture a playroom for the kids separated from the adults’ area by a (sometimes) shared media space.  If your budget allows, you can really go all out with upgraded technology, a built-in bar, and/or a customized pool table.  Before you focus on these details, though, it’s important to ensure you basement is completely waterproof.

Honestly, water retention and leaks prevent many homeowners from getting the finished basement of their dreams.  They’re simply unwilling to commit money to a renovation that may be ruined in the not-too-distant future.  So, save yourself the money and hassle by exploring all waterproofing options upfront. If it’s a problem with the drainage system or sump pump, invite the professionals to address them.  Although this investment isn’t as exciting as a new entertainment area, it’s just as. Important to your resale value.


Then, you can bring in our home finishing team to get to work drylocking, painting, and drywalling your basement.  Don’t let our name fool you!  At D & L Enterprises, we offer services beyond painting and power washing.  Including many that will help you have your best finished basement.  Contact us for more information today!