How to Prepare Your Fence for Fall and Winter

September is known as back-to-school season, but for homeowners it’s time to get back to work! Especially if you have a fence. These final weeks of summer are a perfect opportunity to begin preparing our homes for the wet and wintry months ahead. Many outdoor areas need attention, but one that’s often overlooked is your fence. We rely on fencing for privacy, security, and curb appeal.  Which is why winterizing is so important for protecting this structure. The process differs for metal, wood, and vinyl fences, so we’ll walk you through each step.

Metal Fences

Metal fencing is renowned for its durability, but sometimes even the strongest materials are no match for Old Man Winter. Metal fences, especially aluminum, require little maintenance, but problem areas can still pop up. This month, walk the perimeter and inspect for any damaged or exposed metal. Pay close attention to the lower section where the fence may have been chipped during mowing or weed trimming. Exposed metal will eventually rust, so if you notice any, scrub it off with a heavy-duty wire brush. Wash the area thoroughly, and then cover with primer and rust-proof paint. Coat hinges and latches with rust protector and ensure all posts are firmly implanted in the ground.

Wood Fences

Wood fences are beautiful, but they are also prone to moisture damage. It’s important to keep wood sealed and treated so it’s not damaged by rain and snow. Inspect the fence for any cracks, chips, or exposed wood in September. If dry rot has set in, cut out the affected area and fill in gaps with wood putty. Wash off dirt and debris and get rid of mold or mildew by scrubbing with a solution of water, bleach, and detergent. Once it’s clean and all damages have been repaired, you can paint or stain wood fences to protect against moisture seepage.

While checking your fence, don’t forget to address any loose posts or fallen rails. Piling snow causes fences to lean and sag, even as it makes repairing them more difficult. Loose rails also pose the risk of becoming projectiles in the event of hurricanes or gale-force winds. From fence painting to repair work, D&L Enterprises is here to help with whatever your fence needs.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are favored for their limited upkeep, which makes winterizing an easy process. Start by walking the length of the fence to assess any areas of concern. Reinforce or repair any loose panels or posts. Clean off clumps of dirt and inspect damp, shady areas for mildew. As an extra precaution, power wash vinyl fences to eliminate deposits of mold and mildew before autumn storms blow in. If you need a hand with this particular step, remember D&L Enterprises offers a range of professional power washing services to homes and businesses in central Maryland.

It’s hard to believe winter is just around the corner! We never know what the season has in store for Maryland, so make sure your property is well protected. Call us today to power wash and winterize your metal, wood, or vinyl fence.