How Paint Color Affects Mood

How Paint Color Affects Mood

Have you ever walked into a room and its color just hits you in a certain way? Color affects our mood. Certain hues make us feel energized, joyful, calm, or productive. Here’s how to pick out the right color for the mood you want to achieve.

The Basics of Color Theory

This is the study of how colors work together and affect our emotions and perceptions. The way an individual reacts to color is highly subjective. We gravitate toward certain hues based on our personality, experiences, and culture. In general, warm shades like red and yellow are linked to feelings of excitement and delight. Cooler colors, such as blue and green, are often associated with calm and relaxation.

Color Principles

You can apply certain color principles to achieve a room that suits your mood. Bright, warm colors go well in kitchens and entryways. Yellows, oranges, and reds can make a person feel cheerful and energized. You can also add complementary colors for a bit of excitement. Try red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple.

Colors and Mood

To set a soothing, tranquil mood stick to blue and green. These colors are associated with water and nature. They work well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other personal spaces.

The temperature of a color can make a big difference. A high-energy shade of blue, like sapphire, can add a bold pop to a room. Walls painted in a lighter sky blue promote a tranquil feeling. Darker shades like navy can invoke drama, while paler tones can make spaces feel larger.

Green creates a sense of harmony, trust, and security. It’s also linked to creative thinking. Evergreen, a more vibrant tone than natural green, has an elegant, earthy feel. Sage green creates a cool, inviting, and modern look when paired with neutral colors.

Neutral tones like brown, tan, or taupe can set a warm and cozy mood in a room. If these colors are too bland for your personal taste, add a few subtle hues with brown undertones. A neutral palette works well in living rooms where people often gather.

If you desire a sense of mystery and imagination, shades of black and purple will do. These hues are a good choice for bedrooms where you want to set a dreamy, intimate mood.  

Colors and Emotions

Individual colors are associated with certain feelings. Blue represents loyalty, stability, and tranquility. Red inspires passion, aggression, and intensity. Yellow results in happiness, optimism, and youth. Green means healing, success, and hope. Purple brings on feelings of loyalty, spirituality, and luxury. Orange is linked with energy, fun, and warmth.

Color Fun Facts

A majority of chain restaurants use red in their logo. The color can quicken breathing, increase heart rate, and make you hungrier.

A bedroom in blue can help you sleep better. A study of 2,000 homes found people in a blue bedroom got an average night’s sleep of 7 hours and 52 minutes.

Green is perfect for a child’s room. The color enhances learning and focus.

Orange is a great color for an exercise area. It’s stimulating, revitalizing, and promotes enthusiasm.

Offices painted in blue or green can greatly influence productivity and efficiency.

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