Home Maintenance Tips to Start the Year

We’ve turned the page to a new year, which means it’s time to replace that old calendar with one dedicated to 2020. As we leaf through its pages, recording dates of upcoming work schedules, medical appointments, and social events, it gets us thinking about all the home improvement and maintenance projects that will fill these next twelve months. It’s tough to keep track of everything a house needs, so we suggest listing projects on the calendar to make sure those important tasks don’t fall through the cracks. It will help you start each month with a clear picture of the upcoming upkeep and taking a monthly approach also helps you tackle projects at your convenience rather than squeezing them into a hectic schedule. Here are some common chores to get your home maintenance calendar started.

Service Visits

Some of the most important work around the house will be done by others. Begin your calendar by listing the specialized treatments and professional inspections you will need this year. Furnaces and HVAC systems should be checked at least once a year by a trained and certified technician, with appointments recommended for spring or fall – right before the seasons when the system will be used most. In autumn, it’s important that chimneys are inspected and cleaned to eliminate the risk of chimney fires.

Scheduling appointments early ensures you’ll be able to get the service you need when you want it. If you hope to have a driveway paved before your Memorial Day party yet hold off until May to schedule it, you might be waiting for it until the Fourth of July. Power washing and deck staining are other annual services you can book early. Of course, D&L Enterprises is one of Maryland’s best power washing and deck staining companies and we’d be happy to handle these projects for you. We’re also dedicated to never making you wait for the service you want, so you’ll have no need to worry if scheduling your annual power washing gets delayed. Last-minute service is still high-quality service at D&L Enterprises.

Seasonal Projects

Many maintenance projects are specific to the season. We winterized our homes just a couple months ago, so make a list of those tasks – like weatherstripping around windows and doors, insulating exterior pipes, covering air conditioner units, and shutting off water to outdoor faucets – while they are still fresh in your mind. Spring isn’t too far away, so block out time to check concrete walkways for any damage sustained during winter, as well as sealing decks and exterior wood surfaces, and preparing for spring cleaning. Don’t forget to add inspecting the roof and cleaning gutters to your checklist, but they belong in both the spring and fall lists. You’ll also want to include a thorough home inspection for each of those seasons.

Routine Maintenance

Many projects are easily forgotten until a problem is encountered. Instead, set aside time for replacing filters, checking bathroom caulking, cleaning the clothes dryer exhaust, and identifying and repairing loose doorknobs. Additionally, be sure to schedule time to inspect fire extinguishers and test and change batteries in fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

As you fill out your calendar, you might want to keep the numbers (410) 795-4493 and (240) 375-4996 nearby. Those are our numbers at D&L Enterprises, and we can help with any power washing, painting, carpentry and home finishing you need.