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Updating or remodeling your home? Home improvement projects can be overwhelming… especially when it comes time to clean up and finish all of those blank, patchy walls.
D&L Enterprises offers home finishing services to assist you in updating the look and feel of your home interior.

Home finishing, the process of completing or upgrading the surfaces and fixtures of a home’s interior and exterior, plays a pivotal role in transforming a house into a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living space. This process encompasses a wide range of activities, from painting and installing crown molding to upgrading floors and fixtures. Here are several benefits of investing in home finishing:

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: One of the most immediate benefits of home finishing is the significant improvement in a home’s aesthetic appeal. Finishing touches like fresh paint, new flooring, or updated fixtures can dramatically change the look and feel of a space, making it more inviting and reflective of the homeowner’s personal style. These improvements can rejuvenate an outdated space, creating a modern, cohesive look throughout the home.
  • Increased Property Value: Investing in home finishing can also lead to a substantial increase in property value. High-quality finishes and modern updates are highly attractive to potential buyers, often resulting in a higher selling price and a quicker sale. Even if not planning to sell in the near future, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of increased equity in their home.
  • Improved Functionality and Efficiency: Home finishing can also enhance the functionality and efficiency of a living space. For example, updating old windows with energy-efficient models can improve a home’s insulation, leading to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment. Similarly, upgrading kitchen or bathroom fixtures can improve usability and efficiency in these frequently used spaces.
  • Personalization of Living Space: Home finishing provides homeowners with the opportunity to personalize their living spaces to meet their needs and preferences. Whether it’s creating a home office, a cozy reading nook, or a vibrant entertainment area, finishing touches allow for the customization of spaces to fit the lifestyle and interests of the inhabitants.
  • Repair and Maintenance: The home finishing process often includes repairs and maintenance that can extend the lifespan of the home’s components. Addressing issues such as leaks, cracks, or wear and tear during finishing projects helps maintain the home’s structural integrity and can prevent more significant problems in the future.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Quality of Life: Ultimately, the enhancements made during home finishing can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment. Upgraded lighting can brighten spaces and create ambiance, while improved insulation and ventilation can ensure a more comfortable indoor climate year-round.
  • Increased Functionality for Special Needs: Home finishing can also include modifications to make a home more accessible for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues. This can involve installing ramps, grab bars, and wider doorways, significantly improving the quality of life for those with special needs.

In conclusion, home finishing offers numerous benefits, from enhancing the aesthetic appeal and increasing property value to improving functionality, efficiency, and comfort. It allows homeowners to personalize their space, address maintenance issues, and make their homes more accommodating to their needs. Investing in home finishing is not just about making a home look better; it’s about creating a more enjoyable, functional, and valuable living space.


Residential and Commercial home finishing services include:

  • Drywall and plaster repairs and patching
  • Caulking and sanding walls
  • Stripping of wallpaper, leaving walls ready for finished paint
  • Application of primer paint
  • Interior ceiling paint
  • Interior walls paint application
  • Interior painting of doors
  • Painting of interior trim
  • Painting of windows
  • Cabinets painting or staining
  • Painting of frames and other interior surfaces
  • Texturing applied to ceilings and walls
  • Staining/urathane of cabinets, trim and windows
  • Painting basement walls (drylock) from water damage
  • Paint basement floors with floor paint

Dry Wall Repair should be done by dry wall experts. It is best to have a neat and clean wall especially when paint is going to be applied. Repairs are usually needed to fix nail and screw holes, dents, cracks and the prevelant popped nails and of course the larger accidental damages. Oftentimes smaller issues are a quick fix with spackle. Larger damages may need repair or even replacement. It is recommended to fix damaged drywall quickly to avoid moisture and rot. Moisture can leak into damaged areas and cause larger problems that can cause mold and other health issues. A quick inspection will allow for damage assessment and then proper repairs.

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