Updating or remodeling your home? Home improvement projects can be overwhelming… especially when it comes time to clean up and finish all of those blank, patchy walls.
D&L Enterprises offers home finishing services to assist you in updating the look and feel of your home interior.


Residential and Commercial home finishing services include:

  • Drywall and plaster repairs and patching
  • Caulking and sanding walls
  • Stripping of wallpaper, leaving walls ready for finished paint
  • Application of primer paint
  • Interior ceiling paint
  • Interior walls paint application
  • Interior painting of doors
  • Painting of interior trim
  • Painting of windows
  • Cabinets painting or staining
  • Painting of frames and other interior surfaces
  • Texturing applied to ceilings and walls
  • Staining/urathane of cabinets, trim and windows
  • Painting basement walls (drylock) from water damage
  • Paint basement floors with floor paint

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