Holiday Home Remodel Ideas for Him and Her

The holidays are supposed to be a season of peace, but it can be anything but for some people. Last-minute flights, traffic delays, visits from in-laws, and never-ending cooking and baking requirements are enough to strain a yuletide spirit. The biggest cause of holiday headaches, however, is gift-buying. According to one national consumer study, nearly 80% of people claimed searching for the perfect gift to be the leading cause of seasonal stress. The pressure only escalates when the recipient is a spouse or significant other. Presents represent our love and appreciation, and so we place a lot of importance on giving something that truly stands out.

We’ve got some good news if you’re still searching for that elusive item: inspiration is all around you. Just walk through your house and make a list of the many home improvement possibilities that would make an impact in your lives.  Home remodeling projects may not wrap up with fancy paper and a bow, but they still make an exciting holiday surprise, and you’ll never need to worry about regifting!

Turn that old unused bedroom or storage space into a special oasis for your special lady. There’s been a lot of talk about man caves, but women can have their own sanctuary, too. Make it a nice, quiet area where she can take a break from a hectic day. Fill it with lots of light and design it around her interests. If she likes to read, create a cozy reading corner, or set up a small studio if she’s an artist. Give the room a fresh coat of paint and choose a bright, cheerful color.

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For Him

Most homes have that one room that’s never received the attention it deserves. For many of us, it’s the basement. We have grand designs of turning it into an ideal dad’s den, but the plans keep getting put off. Change course this holiday season and embark on a basement remodeling project to make your man’s dreams come true. Game rooms and basement bars are always popular picks, or maybe he just needs an area to display his trophy case or special collection. He’ll love finally having the room finished, and you’ll love having him out of your hair more often.

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