Game Plan for a Great Gameday Party

Now that August is here, football season is only weeks away! It won’t be long until our Saturdays and Sundays are filled with touchdowns and two-point conversions. But before that first coin flips, there’s work to be done getting our homes ready for the football festivities. Whether you’re rooting for the Ravens or Redskins, Terrapins or Midshipmen, here’s how to score big at your gameday get-togethers.

Go Deep (Cleaning)

You want the party to kick-off on the right foot, so strap on the cleaning pads. Trim the lawn and clear away any debris in case you decide to have your own impromptu football game. If you’ve put off power washing your driveway and sidewalk this summer, now is the perfect time to tackle it. Decks and patios also need a thorough pressure washing if you’re planning any post-game grilling. D&L Enterprises is a Maryland power washing company that you can call on to clean your home and property in time for the next game.

Now that you’ve sacked the outdoor chores, get the indoors in order. Vacuum rugs and carpets set out clean table linens, and empty the front closet so there’s plenty of space for visitors’ jackets and shoes. Finally, don’t forget to scrub the bathroom. Party guests will be more careful in a room that looks spic and span from the start.

Stock Up

Every good playbook calls for a variety of gameday groceries. Toss some burgers, brats, and barbecue on the grill, and pack the pantry with chips, dip, and salsa. Hiring a caterer is a great way to keep the food coming without ever missing a play. And it wouldn’t be the sports season without plenty of liquids, so fill the fridge full of soda, bottled water, and adult beverages. You don’t want to be flagged with a party penalty, so keep lots of ice on-hand.

Capacity Crowds

You never know who might show up to a party, so have enough seating to go around. Having a contingency plan is a good idea in case extra guests force you to call an audible. If there’s not enough dining room chairs and/or deck furniture to account for the unexpected, consider renting folding chairs from a local church or party store. And when arranging seating, make sure the path to the food table doesn’t pass in front of the screen.

Biggie Size Your Big Screen

Every game needs a big play, and yours can be making the game bigger than ever before. With a projector, you can supersize the action while keeping a clear, crisp picture. Imagine the excitement as your party lives every touchdown celebration in life size!

Add an interactive element by moving additional televisions to the side of the big screen to display fantasy scores, injury updates, and other supplemental material. It’s a perfect set up for fantasy football drafts, too. Just hook your laptop up to the projector to announce and display draft picks on the big board, just like they do in the pros.

D&L Enterprises is a family-owned company, and we’d love for you to be in our family of customers. We’re so committed to providing you excellent service that we’ll even come out on game day!  No matter who you root for, contact us for more information (and quotes) on our painting, power washing, and home finishing services.