Draw Attention to Your Ceilings

In a good way, of course! Every home has many ceilings, each representing a missed opportunity to make an impact. Whether you’re redesigning the entire house, or just looking for a refresh, try one of these ideas. With some help from our home finishing team, you can enjoy a new view every time you look up.

Update the Drywall

True, this may seem simplistic. But most homeowners don’t even recognize how dingy and dated their ceilings look until we upgrade them! This basic transformation is especially effective in rooms with cracks, water damage stains, or those old-school drop tile ceilings. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may not even be necessary. Some patching and a fresh coat of paint could work wonders on their own.

Still, there’s a new trend of layering drywall that’s perfect for people who want to mix things up slightly. By using a thin layer of drywall to mimic other architectural elements, like wainscoting or paneled cabinets, you’re tying the entire room together. It’s also great at subtly dividing living spaces in an otherwise open concept. Whether you decide to go with an all-white finish, or something a little bolder.

Go the Wallpaper Route

When you really want to make a statement, this is probably your best option! Although applying and removing wallpaper isn’t the easiest process—who says you have to do it all by yourself? With the experts on your side, it can a variety of ceiling shapes and sizes. You can even pick different colors and patterns for different rooms. Just try to keep a few rules of thumb in mind.

In smaller spaces, you’ll want to pick a light color and/or scattered pattern. This will give the illusion of a larger room. Especially if you coordinate the color on your walls with your choice in wallpaper. For higher ceilings, you can go bolder—both in colors and prints. Try using them strategically to highlight your favorite features, like exposed beams or skylights. But don’t get overwhelmed. There are more options for wallpaper today than ever before!

Play Up Paneling

If your home doesn’t have those built-in features that you love, why not add them? With wood paneling, shiplap, or even fiber planks, you can add texture to any space. We use these finishes on walls and floors all the time. Ceilings are just a natural extension! Whether you decide to do a standard layout or attract extra attention with a fun pattern, we recommend getting professional help for this project. Hauling lumber, crafting layouts, and creating a seamless finish against the rest of the room calls for an experienced team. We can even help you paint or stain the finished product!

For more ideas, contact us at D & L Enterprises. Our home finishing services include a full list of items suited to giving your home (including the ceilings) that custom look. Without the custom prices.