The Cleaning Power of Rain

How many times have you thought about washing your car, only to wait for the rain to do it instead? Well, it doesn’t exactly work that way –especially not when it comes to your home.  Even though we’ve had a rainy week (and a rainy last year), you can’t count on the weather to do all of your cleaning for you!

Rain is Basically a Rinse Cycle

Think about it this way. Would you put your clothes in the wash, automatically turn it to the rinse cycle, and forgo detergent?  Not if you wanted them to be clean.  At most, rain will wash away some of the surface dirt and pollen, but the truly stuck-on grime will remain on your home. Raindrops can also carry dirt and other pollutants.  Have you ever noticed how streaky your windows and/or car can seem after a rain shower?  Well, that’s because it may have washed away stuff on the surface.  But it left behind other junk that was trapped in the water molecules.  Depending on where you live, this problem varies!  Either way, you’ll have to take some extra steps to ensure everything’s truly clean.

Cleaning in the Rain

Just as some people prefer to clean their cars in the rain, you can do the same with your house!  Not only does it help to keep everything moist, but it can also make rinsing that much faster.  And we’re not just talking about car washes.  Power washing can be performed in the rain, too.  Provided it’s light rain or an occasional shower, as opposed to a downpour or thunderstorm.  After all, safety first!

In most cases, though, it’s better to leave this job to the professionals.  In the rain, we have extra considerations to account for, such as the proper storage of equipment and determining which makes/models are safe to use.  Keep in mind, there’s an electrical component to this process, which gives it that extra cleaning power.  So, only certain machines can be used when it’s raining.

Not to mention the added moisture can affect the cleaning products we use.  We want to work with products that can withstand wetter conditions without creating suds that could leave streaks.  How do we know what combination to use?  That’s easy—experience!  After we determine the problems we’re trying to target on the outside of your house, we’ll find the perfect cleaning agents for the situation. Whether that’s your standard dirt and grime or something more serious like mold/mildew.


As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into effectively power washing a house.  It’s one job that rain simply can’t do!  If your home’s exterior is looking a little dingy these days, just give us a call.  At D & L Enterprises, we can handle a variety of surfaces—rain or shine.