Boost Your Curb Appeal This Year

Are you planning to put your home on the market this year?  Well, then you’re going to need to boost your curb appeal—with a little help from the pros.  When it comes to home renovations, the exterior usually takes a backseat.  But it’s the first thing potential buyers see! Here’s how you can improve yours in 2019.

Turn Your Front Door into a Focal Point

It’s the natural entryway to your home—shouldn’t it make a statement?  Set yours apart from other properties on the market by upgrading this key feature. A bold pop of color that works with your exterior color palette could be the perfect change.  Or, if your style is more rustic, consider adding a custom wood door with additional details in the surrounding windows and hardware.  More subtle design elements won’t necessarily attract passersby, but they could help homebuyers see the true potential of your home.

Speaking of Color Schemes

You’d be surprised at the transformations we’ve witnessed with the right paint colors in place. Especially when it comes to the home’s exterior.  It’s a bigger job, so few sellers take that extra step.  But if you modernize your siding and trim with a fresh new color, it could make a big difference in the asking price.  After all, when you put that extra effort into your curb appeal, buyers assume you’re more likely to care for the rest of the property.  Fortunately, you don’t have to handle this task on your own. At D & L Enterprises, we complete interior and exterior painting jobs of all sizes!

Light it Up

Outdoor lighting is another way to add curb appeal quickly.  Whether you want to include fixtures that highlight your landscaping or simply your front porch, try to focus on areas that have been recently improved.  You want your property to look its best day and night!  Try to keep safety in mind, too.  If you have steps leading up to the house or an uneven pathway, consider adding some low-voltage lights to illuminate the way.  They even make solar-powered options that don’t require additional electrical work.


As you’re readying your house for sale, be sure to contact our team of professionals!  We can take a lot of tasks—both inside and outside—off your plate.  Curb appeal is just one of our specialties, along with painting and power washing. We’ve even worked with real estate teams in the area to prepare homes.  Specific references are always available!  All you have to do is ask.