Benefits of a Fresh Coat of Paint

Benefits of a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint in your home or office can boost your mood, brighten up a space, or increase your productivity. It’s amazing what a new paint job will do if you take the time to make a change.

First, keep on top of what’s trendy. Loud, dark purple walls and floral wallpaper are just not in these days. Find a paint color or wallpaper pattern that is in tune with modern times.

Fool the eyes with painting tricks that will make a small room look larger. Strategic painting is an easy way to make a home look larger with very little effort. If a ceiling is painted in a lighter color than the walls, the ceiling will appear to be higher. Add ‘extra space’ to a room by painting the walls soft tones of off-whites, blues, or greens. If you paint the trim and molding lighter than the walls, the walls will appear to be further back.

Lighter hues will brighten up a dark, gloomy room. Using neutral or light paint colors can make a big difference in how a space is perceived. First impressions do make a difference.

Paint Increases Home Value

A fresh coat of paint will help boost the value of your home. Fixing peeling paint on walls and covering up scuff marks will make a room look fresh and clean. It will also give your home a better online presence. Ninety percent of buyers look at homes first online before they visit them. Neutral and earth tones are the best colors to choose to make your home look nice.

Paint the outside of your home as well to enhance curb appeal. It will quickly make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Consider adding a pop of color to shutters or a door to help your home stand out.

Painting is an affordable way to spruce up a home, whether it’s for your own satisfaction or you’re trying to sell it.

Psychological Benefits of Paint

The color of our surroundings can make a big impact on our productivity and mood. PPG, a leading global paint manufacturer, studied the effects of paint colors in a survey. It found 63 percent of teachers in freshly painted classrooms reported feeling stronger and more vigorous. The result was about the same for students.

The paint you should choose depends on what industry you’re in. Highly creative ones, like advertising or public relations, will see the best results with pops of energizing colors, like bright yellow and chartreuse green. Workplaces that require more concentration, like finance, will benefit from off-white and soft gray walls.

Red, orange, and yellow stimulate appetite and are commonly used by restaurants. Red is also a great color for people who need a burst of energy. It also inspires innovation and creativity.

Nature is also calming and it’s a good idea to incorporate it into your interior design. Studies have shown people in hospitals and senior living centers with a view of nature have reduced their pain medication by up to 30 percent. Blues also enhance relaxation, and soft pink signifies compassion.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your environment at home or work become stagnant. Novelty does wear off. Change the colors every few years to keep spaces fresh.

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