5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Small rooms can be hit or miss with homeowners. For some, they offer a quiet and cozy place to pursue hobbies and have conversations. But if you’re among the many who believe size matters, that small space just isn’t big enough. Don’t let your claustrophobia turn it into just another closet, though. With a few quick and easy hacks, you can be living large in that little space.

Start with the Ceiling

Add height to your room by bringing attention to the ceiling. Painting and wallpapering draw eyes upward, as do chandeliers and other ornamental accessories. Crown molding and ceiling-to-floor curtains are other options to make a ceiling look higher.  And you don’t have to install them on your own!  Contact D & L Enterprises for help adding the illusion of height and space to your small room(s).

Lay on the Light

A well-lit room may not add space, but it sure feels like it does. Increase natural light as much as possible by ditching the drapes and leaving windows uncovered. While a decorative ceiling fixture can add height, don’t rely on it to light up the room. Overhead top-down units focus light—and attention—on the center of the room, making it feel smaller. A few small lamps will balance light instead and keep eyes moving around the room.

Mirror Magic

The space that mirrors add to a room is only an optical illusion, but it’s one that really does the trick! Mirrored surfaces reflect space and bounce light, making a room feel significantly larger. For optimal effect, hang long, framed mirrors on walls, especially in dark corners or across from windows.

Paint with Pastels

A fresh coat of paint always makes a room look nicer, but did you know that some colors can even make it look bigger?  When using soft, light colors, you can help your small room seem larger. Off-whites and pastel blues/greens work wonders by reflecting light and establishing an inviting, airy atmosphere. As long as you stick to these tones throughout your color palette.

Paint wall trim and molding a different shade of the wall color to give a sense of depth.  Then, coordinate your furniture colors for a comfortable, blended look. As one of the top painting companies in Maryland, we have the experience and expertise needed to pull this look off effortlessly.  No matter what size room we’re dealing with, leave the task of painting to us!  Our custom services include everything from prep work to clean-up, so call us today for a free quote.

Functional Furniture

Make the most of your space by using multi-function furniture. Replacing a recliner with a window bench will increase floor space while adding extra storage. Eliminate bulky cabinets and boxes with peg rails and wall hooks. And opt for a chest—and its significant storage—instead of a coffee table.

Open-legged furniture makes an area feel airy by letting light filter across the room. Make sure entrances and walkways are free of furniture or other clutter. Decorate with armless chairs, low tables, and tall cabinets instead of wide ones. Try to increase floor space where you can. A good rule to follow is “more floor!”

D&L Enterprises offers a wide range of home-finishing solutions to make your little room look much larger. From painting to wallpapering to carpentry, our professional staff is waiting to help you go big with your living space.