3 Questions for Your Contractor

Hiring a contractor or handyman can be one of the most important decisions a homeowner makes. After all, the wrong choice can lead to you paying way more than expected for a job that is nowhere near what was promised. But with so many construction professionals in the marketplace, how do you know if you’re hiring a reputable outfit? We recommend screening potential contractors by asking several detailed questions. Hopefully, their responses will put your mind at ease, but if you’re left with more questions than answers, at least you know enough to keep the search going. Here are some of the most important questions that should be at the top of your list.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This question will help you separate the established companies from the newcomers. When a contractor has worked in the community for a long time, they will have a long list of references and completed projects, as well as the experience and knowledge necessary to take on your project. If you’re considering going with a newly established contractor, make sure he or she has many years of relevant professional experience. You should always ask if the contractor or company has operated under a different name, also. This could send up a red flag, especially if they appear to be uncomfortable talking about it.

If you’re looking for home finishing services or painting professionals in central Maryland, we hope you’ll consider D&L Enterprises. We’re proud to say we’re now in our 32nd year of providing honest, affordable, and high-quality painting and carpentry services to the communities in and around Carroll County.

Are You Licensed?

You should always ensure that a contractor is licensed to perform the work for which you are hiring. Contractor licensing requirements differ from state to state and sometimes even county to county, so first check which credentials are necessary in your area. In Maryland, contractors and handymen should be licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC).

Verifying that a contractor is insured also is important. You have the right to see a contractor’s certificate of insurance, which lets you confirm the policy covers the work they are being hired to perform. Furthermore, you should ensure they possess adequate workers compensation coverage and that your home or property also will be fully covered. D&L Enterprises is proud to say we are fully insured to work throughout Maryland, as well as having proper MHIC credentials.

Will You Be Doing the Work?

This may seem like a silly question. After all, you’re hiring them, so who else would be doing the work? But the truth is, all too often homeowners hire a contractor only to find he or she subcontracts out the work. If your contractor employs outside help, confirm that those individuals are properly trained, insured, and licensed. Also, many companies work on multiple projects at a time, so verify there will be a dedicated team working on your job. Continuity is critical for a job well done, and you’ll also need to know who to talk to on site for updates, questions, or concerns.

There are lots of questions to ask, and D&L Enterprises is always happy to answer them. As a family-owned business, we personally handle every job every step of the way. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the workers on your property are part of the D&L family, and that means they will be hard-working, honest, attentive, professional, and devoted to giving your project the focus and quality work it deserves.