3 Home Improvement Projects That Say “I Love You”

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, not all gifts are created equal. Cards, chocolates, and flowers get all the attention, but they’re not exactly the most unique ways to express your love. We feel the best gifts are those that can be enjoyed every day, so with that in mind, here are three home improvements to surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Cozy Up the Living Room

If you want to get close to your loved one this holiday, try cuddling by a fire. There’s likely no more romantic spot in your home than in front of the fireplace on a cold February night. Set the mood for a perfect night by placing candles around the room, breaking out your best bottle of wine, playing some soft music, and moving the television and other devices out of the room.

Of course, no romantic gesture will suffice if you’re not being safe, so make sure the chimney is swept and cleaned before building a fire. And if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, that doesn’t mean you have to be left out in the cold. Built-in fireplace inserts and electric models are affordable alternatives that provide both ambience and warmth.

Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen

Why take your sweetheart out for dinner when you could do the cooking at home? After all, a meal is always better when it’s prepared with love. But imagine how much more special that dinner would be if it’s in a new kitchen. They say personal space is important in a relationship, and nowhere is that more true than in a kitchen. Some simple renovations can help add that much-needed space to a cramped kitchen, allowing you and your loved one to both use the room without feeling crowded.

If you just want to breathe new life into the kitchen, installing a new countertop, replacing light fixtures, adding a backsplash, or painting cabinets will make your partner feel like you’ve treated her or him to an entirely new room. For some, saving money is the best gift of all, and making the switch to energy efficient appliances will help you save time and cut down on electric bills.

Make Every Day a Spa Day

Men like to pamper their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but by incorporating some quick and easy bathroom renovations, your sweetheart can receive the special treatment she deserves all through the year. The path to creating a home spa experience begins with a fresh coat of paint. Calm, neutral colors work best to set a relaxing mood, but don’t be afraid to spruce up the room with artwork or a wood accent wall to create a resort-like atmosphere. From bamboo to ivy, live plants placed throughout the room create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Give it the spa smell by using essential oils, aromatherapy candles, and scented soaps, and purchase a new rug and large, comfy towels to further enhance the experience. A new soaking tub would certainly be a welcomed surprise, but luxury also awaits by simply installing a variable massage shower head.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and D&L Enterprises is here to help with your special project. Interior painting, home finishing, and carpentry are our specialties, so give us a call today. But we must warn you, you may end up loving your new home improvement project even more than your sweetheart!