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Drywalling Considerations

(November 14, 2013)

Drywall is a material that is used in finishing the interior of your home. Used to create both walls and ceilings, drywalling is a home improvement project that many people are able to DIY without any prior experience or training. However, there are a few considerations that you need to take into account when hanging drywall.

1. Location & Fire Codes

First, you will need to think about where in your home you are drywalling. In most cities and states, there are codes that dictate what type of drywall you need to use in your home. Generally, these codes will allow you to use standard ½” drywall on both ceilings and walls. However, some local codes may require fire shield drywall that is 5/8”, especially in areas where there is a greater risk of fire, such as attached garages.

2. Types of Drywall

As you can see, there is more than one type of drywall. In addition to standard drywall and fire shield (also known as fire resistant) drywall, there are two other types: moisture resistant drywall and flex board, which is a type of drywall that can be used in curved areas. Flex board is usually ¼” thick.

3. High Moisture Areas

As mentioned above, one type of drywall is moisture resistant drywall. Also known as green board, this type of drywall is necessary in areas where there will be higher levels of moisture, such as around the shower or the sink. Moisture resistant drywall is necessary to ensure that your drywall does not mold or deteriorate. 100% waterproof green board is the best kind to use for high moisture spaces such as bathrooms.

4. Drywall Sheet Sizes

Next, you will need to choose what size of drywall sheets you want to purchase. You can find drywall in sheets that are 8’ x 4’ and cover 32 square feet or sheets that are 12’ x 4’ and cover 48 square feet. It is often best to use the larger sheets because this means you will have to work with fewer seams.

5. Drywall Mud, Tape, & Fasteners

Finally, you will need to purchase the drywall mud, tape, and fasteners. All-purpose drywall mud is recommended for most projects, but there is also fast drying mud available. Drywall tape comes in paper or fiberglass, which is easier to use. Finally, you can find either coarse or standard drywall fasteners, also known as drywall screws.

If your home needs drywalling, do not hesitate to contact D & L Enterprises today for a free estimate.

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