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The Devil's in the Details

(March 27, 2013)

There are few things in this world more obvious than a bad paint job. Missed spots, unevenness, paint in the wrong place – all of these things can draw unwanted attention and turn your home into an eyesore. Unfortunately, these imperfections are pretty common when homeowners decide to do the painting themselves. Many don't realize the importance of choosing the right tools and using the right techniques. This is why your best bet is to hire a professional like D&L Painting.

At D and L, we pride ourselves on putting extra care into these important details. For example, most people think that a brush is a brush – this couldn't be further from the truth! Different paint types require different styles of bristles and choices include synthetic bristles, natural bristles, and various levels of quality between them. You also have to take into account the size of the brush, choosing between trim or sash brushes or wall brushes, with varying sizes between those as well.

In addition, we take care to be extremely precise when using tape, to ensure that the paint goes where its supposed to – and nowhere else! We have special techniques to make certain that this is done properly.

And last but certainly not least, we use our paint expertise to choose the right type of paint for the job. Choosing between oil based vs. water based, latex, enamel, or acrylic is an important process and we rely on our 15 years of experience to make the right decision.

All of the extra attention we put into these details results in a more beautiful home for you to live in. Why risk ruining your house's appearance with a shoddy paint job when you can trust the pros at D&L Painting? Call or click here to contact us about your painting project today!

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